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Black Market Wax Seal and Leather Stamp | We are Maker, Creative & Community.

Classic sealing waxes help to awaken your creativity. If you are for the elegance of a vintage era, when you made your wax seal imprint on envelop and documents with a personal wax seal stamp or you enjoy the zen moment of a hand written calligraphy, you have came to the right place. We are professional stamp maker, especially working with customer for a custom wax seal stamp personalised with your font and design. We are not only a maker but also a striver for a creative community. We co-operate with worldwide designer to launch series of exclusive designer collection (includes Heypenman, Crafted by DQ, LiteraltyA and Bobby Graham). Ourexclusive selection of design or customised service are the best you can find anywhere.




About Our Brand

Black Market Wax Seal and Leather Stamp is a professional stamp maker locate in Hong Kong. We provide a full personalized service on making stamp; custom wax seal, electricity branding iron, leather stamp, soap stamp and rubber stamp.  ( more about us... )