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Custom Stamp Order Wax Seal Leather Stamp

Custom Stamp Order

How to proceed custom order?

  1. After purchased the order, please forward us the artwork to Etsy message or our email ops@blackmarketintl.com. Reference: "Artwork Guideline"
  2. Our team will get back to you shortly with a draft and order details for your comment.
  3. If the draft and order details look fine, you can reply to us and approve the draft and order details.
  4. We will proceed the production with your approval and dispatch the order as per shipping schedule.
  5. If you have questions and queries, please feel free to contact us.

What is the right format for artwork?

  1. Vector Image (.ai, .eps or outlined pdf) or High Resolution Bitmap Image (.jpg, .png, .tiff, .bmp with at least 600 dpi)
  2. Outline all fonts and stroke into curve. (applible to vector only)
  3. Design in a actual size in the file.
  4. Red border for the stamp edge.
  5. The draft should be in black and white only. No grey scale is accepted
  6. DO NOT INVERT the artwork. The artwork looks exactly the same to the stamp imprint. The artwork will be flipped or be inverted accordingly in production

Remarks for the artwork:

  • Wax Seal: The black area indicates the engraved area. Anything black will be raised when pressed in wax.
  • Leather Stamp / Soap Stamp / Rubber Stamp: The white area indicates the engraved area. Anything black will be raised on the stamp.

Artwork Illustration:


What if I don't know how to work out a requested artwork format?

Don't worry! We will provide basic mockup service and vectorization on artwork for FREE to all custom design order; wax seal, leather stamp, rubber stamp, soap stamp and paper embosser. But the lossless vector will not be provided for the order. If you would like to get a copy of vector format artwork so that you can reuse in the future production. Please make a purchase on this item Vector in PDF is a standardized format, it can be re-used for any projects and companies. Purchase the add-on --> Vectorized Artwork for Custom-made Order

Wax Seal

How to make a wax seal?

  1. Cut a small piece (about 1 cm) of sealing wax into the spoon and melt it with a white candle.
  2. Drip the wax slowly on the design area to avoid bubbles.
  3. Stamp on the melting wax.
  4. Wait for 20-30 seconds for cooling down.
  5. Remove the stamp slowly.

Do you provide custom or personalized service?

Yes, we provide custom service for all kind of stamp. For the custom wax seal, please visit following page in our store. "Custom Wax Seal Section"

How many seals for each wax sticks could make?

Each sealing wax stick makes around 8 seals.

What is the material using for wax?

Our wax is flexible wax, unlike the traditional one, the flexible wax is more durable and capable to survive through the postage system. We are very confident and 100% sure the seals will not break.

Do you sell sealing wax with wicks? Why or Why not?

No, we do not sell any sealing wax with wicks. The wick is made in cotton, it burns incompletely and converts to carbon dirt. It leaves a dark residue on the beautiful seals.

Can I change the sealing wax comes in the set to other available colors?

Yes, sure! The set default comes with wax color red (#00J), silver (#00H) and gold (#00A). We are happy to mix and match the color for you. Please give us a note during the checkout and our team will arrange it accordingly. It would be highly appreciated if you can mark down the COLOR CODE instead of the color name. The sealing wax color chart can be found here. "Sealing Wax All Color"

[TIPS] I am going to send out the wedding/company event invitation card. I have to make a large number of seals in short period of time, how to do it more efficient, easier and faster?

There are two suggestions to save your time on making wax seals.
  1. Use the sealing wax for glue gun.
  2. The sealing wax for glue gun can fit into to standard size glue gun. It saves a lot of time of melting wax. [tips:] Order one more wax seal. Making wax seal has to wait for the wax to cool down 20-30 seconds. Moreover, the wax seal gets hotter and hotter during the work. It further increases the time of cooling down the seal. Therefore, if you have more then one seal, you and your team can work at the same time on serval envelopes. More details on sealing wax
  3. [Best Option - Painless] We do understand making a large quality of the seal is painful. (We really do, we make a lot! 😅) So we provide you a one-stop service! From making the stamp and also the wax seal sticker. All stickers are ready to use when arriving in your hand. Peel the 3M sticker at the back and stick it, DONE! 3 seconds work vs 30 seconds. More details here: Sticker | Handmade Sticker

There are no quantity shown in the listing. How do I know whether the initial or letter I want is in stock and available for order?

All the stamp products in our store are made to order. Therefore don't worry about the stock. All initial wax seal and designer collection wax seal are available for order around the year.

A story about wax seal

Want to know more about wax seal? Please visit our blog post - A story of custom wax seal; https://blackmarketintl.wordpress.com/2018/04/06/a-story-of-custom-made-wax-seal/

Leather Stamp

Which soldering iron can be used for the custom leather stamp?

Our leather stamp is designed to interchangeable with the soldering iron. As long as the soldering iron metal tip is removable and the diameter of the tip is the same as the screw size, it can be fitted in and fixed on the iron. Here is a video showed how to install the leather stamp. You can see the tip is removed from soldering iron and how to insert the leather strap with a screw. You can purchase a soldering iron in a package with a custom leather stamp

Where can I buy a soldering iron that is fitted to the custom leather stamp? Can I purchase a separate standalone soldering iron only?

Soldering iron can be found easily in the local hardware store. But please be make sure the soldering iron is fitted to the stamp you have ordered. For selecting suitable soldering iron, please refer to above FAQ. We also have a standalone soldering iron sold separately, please refer to the following listing for temperature adjustable soldering iron. temperature-adjustable-soldering-iron

Can the stamp larger than 40mm x 40mm?

Yes, it can. We can customize all the stamp size for you within 100mm 100mm. Please contact our operation team for stamp size over 40mm size. We would like to confirm with you that stamp size over 40mm is not recommended for hot stamping with soldering iron. In case you need to do hot stamping on stamp size over 40mm x 40mm. Please refer to following two items;

Why there are some white smoke and bad smell coming from the soldering iron?

This is a normal situation in the first few times usage. It is because the high temperature burns the wire inside the soldering iron. No more smoke comes out after few times of using the soldering iron. BUT please be reminded to keep away from children.

Why the light on the temperature adjustable soldering iron keep on and off?

This is a normal situation. It is because the temperature adjustable soldering iron contains a IC to control the set temperature. Once the working temperature is reached the set temperature, it will stop heating up until the IC detects the working temperature is dropped below the set temperature. Therefore you may find the light is keep on and off when the soldering iron is reach the set temperature.

Is the branding iron works for foil stamping?

Foil stamping working temperature is much lower than the normal leather work. Therefore a temperature adjustable soldering iron is needed for the foil stamping. The general soldering iron sold in local store cannot work on foil. The foil will melt and burn. For foil stamping, please refer to the following item; https://www.blackmarketintl.com/products/custom-branding-iron-for-foil-stamping-on-leather

What is the working temperature for foil stamping

As mentioned in above the foil stamping working temperature is much lower. Foil paper melts and burn above 250℃ (482℉), please set the temperature at 200℃ first and adjust up slow according to the stamp size.

How to do the foil stamping

  1. Remove the metal tip from temperature adjustable soldering iron
  2. Install the screw provided on the stamp
  3. Insert the stamp into the soldering iron
  4. Drive the screw back to the soldering iron after inserted the stamp
  5. Make sure the stamp hold firmly.
  6. Connect the soldering iron to the electric plug
  7. Set temperature at 200℃. (Set temperature would be higher, it depends on the stamp size. But to avoid the foil melting and burning, it is suggested to start from 200℃ and increase steadly if imprint not worked well)
  8. Pre-heat the soldering iron for 5-10 minutes.
  9. Please keep away from children and flammable material!
  10. Place the foil paper on the designed area. Sticker can be used to hold the foil position on the designed area.
  11. Stamp on the foil for 10 - 30 second, accoding to the stamp size
  12. Remove the foil slowly.
  13. Increase the set temperature and stamping time, if the foil is not printed well on the leather.
Here is video clip shown you how to do a foil stamping.

Is the branding iron works for pastry and cake?

The stamping on pastry (like cake and bread etc.) requires higher working temperature then normal leather work. Therefore general soldering iron is not hot enough to stamping on pastry. For pastry stamping, please refer to folloing item; https://www.blackmarketintl.com/products/custom-made-flame-heated-branding-iron

Is the leather stamp suitable for the leather press with hammer or mallet?

Yes. All custom leather can work for hot stamping, foil stamping, leather press with a specific tool. We have specially designed a handle for a small size stamp which is difficult to hold with a bare hand for hammering. The handle allows you to hold precisely for the work and avoid hurting yourself by the hammer. Please refer to the following listing for more details; https://www.blackmarketintl.com/products/leather-stamp-press-handle-rod

Is the custom leather stamp works for hot stamping and also the leather press with hammer and mallet.

You can refer to the following listing which is a package including a leather stamp, temperature soldering iron and handle. Everything you needed for hot stamping, foil stamping and leather press. https://www.blackmarketintl.com/products/custom-branding-iron-and-leather-press-tool