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WAX SEAL Embellishment | Dasherie Magazine | Issue: Winter 2015-16

Chae Ho Lee, the Island Penman, is an incredibly talented designer and artist living in Honolulu, Hawaii. Chae became interested in calligraphy, lettering, and fountain pens a few years ago and it quickly became a real passion. He wanted to bridge traditional calligraphy and lettering with new technologies and so worked hard to create exquisite vector based drawings with calligraphic forms. Chae researches a great deal to be sure each letter, which is painstakingly drawn by hand and then translated on computer, is done so from an informed place.

The wax seal stamps Chae designs are inspired by letterforms of the 13th 17th centuries. He loves detailed work and wax is a perfect material to hold such detail. The seals also give a nod to an age when people put a lot of time and effort into their correspondence. The Island Penman has his own unique line of stationary and wax seals are a perfect fit with the beautiful letterpressed cards.

These gorgeous wax seal stamps are available via The Black Market Wax Seals and Leather Stamps shop on Etsy. Black Market is one of the world's largest distributors of stamps and seals and has earned an outstanding reputation as one of the top Etsy sellers.

What a joy to give and receive!

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