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Artwork Guideline

For customer order, please forward artwork to our operation team (email:
1. Vector Image ((.ai, .eps or outlined pdf) or High Resolution jpg/png/tiff/bmp with at least 600 dpi
2. Outline all fonts and stroke into curve (for vector only)
3. Design in actual size in the file
4. Red border for the stamp edge
5. The draft should be in black and white only. No grey scale is accepted.
6a. Remarks for Wax Seal / Rubber Stamp: The black in design will be engraved away i.e. the black is raised on imprint i.e. female
6b. Remarks for Leather Stamp / Soap Stamp: The black in design is raised on stamp i.e. male
Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us operation team for more details.
BM Operation Team